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In an ever-changing world, it is important to keep up with the latest innovations. In the never-ending search for what’s new, what better way to learn about it than to hear from the innovator him/herself?


We could say the real world would cease to exist without technology and this is clearly something we must get comfortable with, since it may apply in a future not so far from now. Where will we be in a few years? Can you imagine yourself replacing a body part with a prosthetic that works as if it was your own? Giving quality of life you never thought would be possible without some kind of drug or aid? Or learning medicine, connecting with doctors all around the world, without leaving the operating room? Or even the opposite, operate without leaving your secretary? 
Leave the past behind and let us show you the future that awaits beyond conventional!


Hugo  Ferreira, MD, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO NeuroPsyAI
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Max Ortiz, PhD

Next generation of limb prostheses and neurorehabilitation

Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
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Tal Golesworthy

PEARS surgery for aortic dilation: an engineering perspective

Member of the Energy Institute and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and director of Environmental Development Technology, dedicating chiefly to Pollution Contr
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Shafi Ahmed, MD, PhD

Digital and virtual surgery

World’s first virtual reality surgery in 2014 using Google Glasses
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It is said there are more neurons than stars, so prepare yourself to be amazed by the vast universe of Neuroscience! This year we will present you with one of the latest discoveries in the field - the glymphatic system -, the one and only cleaning method of the brain. But it doesn’t stop here… You will also be able to get an exciting insight about how to use neurobiological and cognitive data to aid diagnosis and treatment of forensic patients, among other thrilling findings about headaches and the mechanisms hiding behind a migraine and nerve degeneration. 
You could even say that life is just a Game of Neurons!


Carlos Filipe, MD, PhD

Clinical Director of the Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism (A.P.P.D.A.)
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Iben Lundgaard, BSc, MSc, PhD

The glymphatic system – a novel brain clearance system

Danish molecular biologist with a Neuroscience PhD from the University of Cambridge
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Inti Brazil, MSc, PhD

Biocognitive approaches to treatment and classification

Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Neuropsychology & Rehabilitation psychology at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University, Netherlands
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Zameel Cader

MD, PhD, is Director of the Oxford
Headache Centre
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Emergency Medicine

The world of emergency medicine can be as terrifying as fascinating. When lives are on the line you must act fast. Are you ready? Do you know what to do when facing big trauma, like the massive multi-victim occurrence of a terrorist attack?  Have you thought of applying war medicine techniques to civilian trauma? And what about sick children? Do you know how to recognize a pediatric emergency?
Don’t miss the chance to learn about all of these and more - be ready to act when every second counts!


Rui Moreno, MD, PhD

Coordinator of the Neurocritical ICU of Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central
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Kate Prior
Surgeon Commander, MD

Lessons from the battlefield

Royal Navy and at King's College Hospital in London
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Damian Roland, MD, PhD

Is it easier to spot a sick child or a healthy one?

Paediatric Emergency Medicine
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Benoît Vivien, MD, PhD

The Paris terrorist attacks: a new challenge for the prehospital emergency physicians

Deputy Chair of the PreHospital Emergency Department of Paris
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The battle against Cancer isn’t new and has accompanied our history and evolution. However, cancer’s growing incidence throughout the last decades requires novel approaches, an innovative scientific thinking about the neoplasic cell mechanisms and the body adaptions. What about using our own defenses? What about using our very own immune system, such as our T-cells or our dendritic cells? And how do we know the treatment is being effective? Do we have circulating molecules that are trying to tell us what’s going on? 
That’s what we are about to discover - join us on this voyage to The Dark Side of the Cell!


José Passos Coelho, MD, PhD

Medical Oncology Fellowship at
Hospital da Luz
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Damya Laoui
Registered Engineer, PhD

Tumour-derived dendritic cells to slow down tumour growth

Dunia Award (African Awards) and the MIT Innovator under 35 Europe Award 2017
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Chiara Bonini, MD

TCR Gene Transfer and Genome Editing for Cancer Immunotherapy

 Specialist in Hemato-oncology and Immunology in Milan, and at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle
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  William Gallagher, BSc, PhD

Fast-tracking molecular diagnostics in Oncology

  Director of the UCD Conway Institute
Director of the BREAST-PREDICT Centre
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In an ever-changing world, it is important to keep up with the latest innovations. In the never-ending search for what’s new, what better way to learn about it than to hear from the innovator him/herself?
Laureates of the most important distinctions in the Life Sciences’ field, eminent researchers and remarkable doctors will give us a rare glimpse into the hard work behind some of the major discoveries of our time. Listen to their story of what it took to get there.


Bertil Hille, BSc, PhD

A scientific life learning about ion channels

Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA
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As we say in Portuguese, “The doctor who only knows about Medicine, doesn’t know it at all” (Professor Abel Salazar 1889 - 1946). 

The iMed Sessions are a set of lectures meant to connect the world of medicine and the world beyond it, thus fulfilling the main goal of the iMed Conference® – to INSPIRE.


Lia Araújo, PhD

Pursuing successful aging at one hundred years old

Specialist in Gerontology
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Susan Llewelyn, Psy.D

Working with mind and body: Clinical Psychology

 Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology  at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University.
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Alex Lewis

A minor setback

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For these lectures we choose speakers who have devoted their lives to humanitarian Medicine - our aim is to motivate students to be connected with the world beyond their hospitals and take action. In today’s global world, where problems have no borders anymore, what role will you play?


Gustavo Carona, MD

How to save the world?

Doctors Without Borders
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Erin Kilborn, MD

Personal perspectives of a Humanitarian worker

Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Anaesthesiology
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