Internationally renowned scientists and doctors

In an ever-changing world, it is important to keep up with the latest innovations. In the never-ending search for what’s new, what better way to learn about it than to hear from the innovator him/herself?

Medical Sexology

In this truly unprecedented panel, we will open the door into one of the most relevant topics in Medicine nowadays; to demystify and inform, we invited internationally recognized scientists and doctors and it’s certain you will learn what is beyond the shades.

Audrey De Grey, PhD

The New Era of Ageing

Bart Knols, PhD

Get Smarter Than a Mosquito

Bon Verweij, MD, PhD

3D Skull - Skull Transplantation

Bon Verweij, MD, PhD

3D Skull - Skull Transplantation

Pedro de Freitas

João Décio

Ivanka Savic-Berglund

Pamela Gawler-Wright

Anna Murray

Surgery and Critical Care

Surgery and Critical Care will bring us a hands-on-life approach, where surgery meets sepsis and we learn by hearing of real clinical experiences and surgical advances. This panel will uncover the most amazing results - let yourself be inspired by the power of stitching the future and the thrill of jumping into it.

António Gentil Martins

Iain Hutchinson

Konrad Reinhart

Ross Fischer

Innovative Approaches

In Innovative Approaches, we will hear about cutting edge science and how it is changing the way we treat our patients. Travel in time with us and get a glimpse into the future of modern Medicine.

Ricardo Baptista Leite

Nishan Ramnarain

Martha Clokie

Markus Krane


Through a program of lectures delivered by world-renowned cardiologists, we aim to provide you with the latest advances in today's rapidly evolving cardiovascular medicine. Is high intensity training safe? How is it like to hold someone ́s heart in the hands? Join us to know more about these core issues!

Carlos Aguiar

Aneil Malhotra

Carlo Pappone

Ferdinand Waldenberger

Laureates of the most important distinctions in the Life Sciences’ field, eminent researchers and remarkable doctors will give us a rare glimpse into the hard work behind some of the major discoveries of our time. Listen to their story of what it took to get there.

Eric F.Wieschaus

As we say in Portuguese, “The doctor who only knows about Medicine, doesn’t know it at all” (Professor Abel Salazar 1889 - 1946).

The iMed Sessions are a set of lectures meant to connect the world of medicine and the world beyond it, thus fulfilling the main goal of the iMed Conference® – to INSPIRE.

Franck Baudino

Gary Edwards

Maria Palha

For these lectures we choose speakers who have devoted their lives to humanitarian Medicine - our aim is to motivate students to be connected with the world beyond their hospitals and take action. In today’s global world, where problems have no borders anymore, what role will you play?

Tawfik Chamaa

Louisa Chan Boegli

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