Challenging Competitions

The Competition

The iMed Research Challenge is an observational internship programme designed to offer the iMed Conference® 10.0 participants the opportunity to have a unique learning experience in a renowned European Research Centre, with some of the iMed Conference’s previous speakers.

The Internship

Based on the importance of role models and mentors, this programme aims to motivate and inspire talented young scientists.

During 2 weeks, you will be able to observe how scientific research of excellence is conducted, to develop your own research skills and share your innovative ideas with experienced researchers.

The Host Researchers

Ian Hutchison

London, UK - Saving Faces:
The FacialSurgery Research Foundation
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Markus Krane

Munich, Germany - German Heart Centre
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Martha Clockie

Leicester, UK - University of Leicester
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The Selection Process

The iMed Research Challenge follows a competition model, divided into 2 different quizzes accredited by a panel of acknowledged scientists:

1. One is the General quiz which intends to assess overall scientific knowledge and is equal for every contestant;

2. The other is the Specific quiz which intends to evaluate what the student learned regarding the host researcher of his/her choice (after consulting an article provided by the researcher).

There will be 3 different Specific Quizzes, one for each Research Center. You can apply to as many Research Centres as you’d like by completing the corresponding Specific Quizzes.
At the end of the process, there will be 3 awarded students, each assigned to a different Research Centre.

The Quizzes

The bibliographic references to help you prepare for the General and SpecificQuizzes will be provided to you soon.

You can find the General Quizz here.

Regarding The Specific Quizzes:
1. Acess Here for Ian Hutchison's Quizz.
2. Acess Here for Markus Krane's Quizz.
3. Acess Here for Martha Clockie's Quizz.


Registrations will open in the 23rd of September. In order to participate in this competition, you must read the Rules of Procedure of the iMed Research Challenge. To enrol in the competition you can do it through the UpEventsplatform here .


The deadline for the enrolment in the iMedResearch Challenge Competition is the 30th of September .

Astrazeneca Innovate Competition

The Innovate Competition is part of the iMed Conference® 10.0 Lisbon 2018. Every year, the iMed Conference® encourages young colleagues and scientists to present their work and findings to a panel of renowned scientists and our participants.


Can I enrol in this competition?
If you are an undergraduate college or master’s degree student and you are involved in a scientific research project in life sciences and have plenty of innovative ideas, then this competition is for you!

What do I need to send for my application?

In order to participate in this competition, you must read the Rules of Procedure of the Innovate Competition and fill in the application form according to the following requirements:
· Abstract based on the results obtained with your integrated research project (750 words without references, in English);· The abstract has to include an introduction (with a maximum of 250 words) idea on which was based your new line of research;
· Proof of enrolment in a higher education institution in the academic year of (in digital format: PDF, PNG or JPEG);
· Letter of recommendation signed by the person in charge of your research project. It must state that, should your project win the Innovate Competition, your research group will commit to embrace the realisation of your idea (in digital format: PDF, PNG or JPEG).
When can I enrol?
There will only be a single enrolment period in the Innovate Competition. It will take place until the 9th of June.

Who will evaluate my application?
The Competition Jury consists of acknowledged scientists and it will be chaired by Luís Miguel Borrego, PhD, Professor at NMS|FCM NOVA and investigator at CEDOC.

How will my application be evaluated?
Evaluation of the submitted projects will be made in accordance with the criteria defined under Annex I. The Innovate Competition application does not guarantee that your project will be selected for oral or poster presentation. Please refer to the Rules of Procedure for further information.

When will I know the results?
The selected projects for oral and poster presentations will be announced on the 1st of September. After the publication of results, the selected participants have until 10th September to enroll in the iMed Conference®10.0 Lisbon 2018 and sign the Term of Responsibility (Annex II). After this deadline, the participant will be excluded from the list of selected candidates. For further information, please refer to the Innovate Competition Rules of Procedure.


The deadline for the enrolment in the Astrazeneca Innovate Competition is the 9th June 2018. The participants will be contacted after by the Organising Committee. For further information, please read the documents in this folder or contact us at

Boehringer Ingelheim Clinical Mind Competition

The Clinical Mind Competition is back! Pair up to solve another challenging clinical case, this October at the iMed Conference® 10.0!

The 3 top teams will receive a grant for an internship in an international cooperationmission in Africa along with opportunity to participate in the project “Saúde para Todos” with medical teams from Instituto Marquês Valle Flôr.


Registrations will open in the 15th of September.

Clinical case provided and presented by

Dr. Lisa Sander

Medical Consultant of "House, MD"
It’s time to put the skills you developed during the Warm-Upclinical cases to the test with the real Clinical MindCompetition.In order to participate in this competition, you must read the Rules of Procedure of the Clinical Mind Competition. Register for the competition here . You just need to have purchased an iMed Conference® 10.0 ticket and fill in your and your partner's name and identification card number, and that's it.”

Welcome to Take a Break with MSD

This competition comes in context of an Health Literacy Platform, Cancro Online, by MSD with the support of “Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro”, “Associação de Enfermagem Oncológica Portuguesa” and “Pulmonale”,, being its main objective: to spread knowledge, the Take a Break with MSD Competition involves answering six questions which revolve around one main theme: Oncology. The winner will be the participant who answers the most questions correctly in the least amount of time. The prize will be a 1-year subscription to the UpToDate platform. There will be, during the  occurring of the ticket sales , two more questionnaires, with questions regarding specific types of cancer. The winners will be awarded a discount on theirs ticket to the iMed Conference. Good luck!

Registration are OPEN

Enroll here
In order to participate in this competition, you must read the Rules of Procedure.
To enrol in the competition you can follow the link.


The Take a Break with MSD Competition will be open between the 5th and the 6th of October.
The winner will be announced in the 7th October, the last day of the conference.

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