Challenging Competitions

The Competition

The iPitch is aimed at students currently attending a Higher Education institution, who wish to have an internship with Speakers from previous editions of the iMed Conference® and have interest in enhancing their soft skills. Such participants are invited to elaborate a self-promotion pitch directed at the desired internship location.

The Internship

The iPitch awards winners with an internship programme, in a renowned European Centre, hosted by a speaker of a previous edition of the iMed Conference® with the duration of 2 weeks. The programme offers either Clinical or Research background, depending on the host’s area of work.


Clinical Host

Mervyn Singer


Italy, Milan, Ospedale San Raffaele

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Research Host

Olivia Remes

MSc, PhD

Sweden, Lund, BMC of Lund University

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The Selection Process

The outcome of the application selection process will be sent to each participant's email.

1st Phase (Pre-selection)
The participants must send a pitch in video format in order to be selected for the next phase. This phase occurs outside the iMed Conference®, and only requires the submission of the video and enrolment information.

Jury A will deliberate and select 5 applicants to be examined by the Host. Each Host will approve the 5 applicants and select the 3 best pitches.
The 5 host approved applicants and the 3 favourites will be informed by email of such results.

2nd Phase (Final Pitch)
The 3 best pitches for each internship (6 in total) will do a Pitch for Jury B on the iMed Conference® 12.0 – Lisbon 2020 competition day.
Prior to the final presentation, the 6 chosen pitches will be awarded a free Public Speaking Course by Speak & Lead, giving them an opportunity to enhance their soft skills for competition day.
The Pitch will be assessed by the members of Jury B on predefined criteria. The final score is the average of the members’ score.

The best presentation of each modality receives the iPitch Competition Award (which will be available to finance the two internship programmes, proportionally assigned to each student according to the location of the internship).

The pitch

The Pitch must be in video format (.wmv, .mp4, .avi), in English, and should not exceed 3 minutes. It must be sent to
Along with the video, participants must send Proof of High Education Enrollment for the academic year of 2019/2020, desired internship placement, as well as their email and phone number at which they can be contacted.

Pitch Content

We suggest you start your pitch with a personal introduction, swiftly passing to list your motivations: after all why is the internship with this host important for you?
It would be also interesting to hear you talk about the foreseeable applications of the research being conducted at the internship destination.
To finalize, why not list some of your qualifications, the things that make you different from the others!

You may find the Rules of Procedure of the iPitch competition, as well as the models for the documents needed to apply here.
If you have any questions or require more information, please send an email to:

iPitch FAQ´S

What are some examples of content for the video?

A pitch consists of a 3-minute oral presentation, in English, with no audiovisual support, intended for the receiving host and whose purpose is to convey why he/she is the right person for the internship. The pitch should include important content such as:

1 - Personal introduction;
2 - Motivations - Why is the internship with this host important for you?;
3. Qualifications - Why should the host choose you?;
4. How do you see yourself in 10 years?;
5. Closing remarks.

What are we looking for?

Consider your pitch in three dimensions. Content, Clarity and Charisma.

Your content should reflect specific objectives, answering the main appointed questions. Your answers should be relevant and exact regarding the internship. Motivation is something hosts hold dearly and as such should also be taken into account.

As to clarity, a fluent and coherent pitch with appropriate vocal placement and pronunciation is generally essential to convey your message. We will also be on the lookout for your lexical resources.

Charismatic pitches are a sure way to grab attention so be sure to look confident and decisive. Creativity is valued since you’ll be competing with many others for the same internship. Also, don't forget to be careful with your body language.

Can I apply to both?

Each Pitch may only be directed at a single internship vacancy. In case the participant intends to apply for both vacancies, two different pitch submissions are required. Preference of internship must be appointed as the applicant may only win one internship. In case both submissions pass to the final phase, in Jury B, only the preferred destination may be presented.

What are the accepted video formats and what email adress should I send it to?

The accepted video formats will be .wmv, .mp4, and .avi. You must send the video to

What happens next?

After submission, the video will be assessed by Jury A, responsible for finding the 5 best videosfor each internship, subject to the Host’s approval. Three of these will pass on to the final competition, on the iMed Conference 12.0, where you'll have to present your pitch to the audience and jury B, in charge of rewarding the winning pitches, one for each internship.

When will the internship take place?

The start date of the internship will be decided according to both the student’s and the Host’s availability and must take place until 31st December 2021.

Can the internship duration be extended?

The duration of the internship is by default two weeks, however, its extent may be subject to change as long as both parties involved, the Host and the participant, agree with such terms.

Last Year's Selected Pitches


Ana Pereira
Carolina Costa
Iara Leitão


David Campos
João Duarte
Vanessa Tilsner

Last Year's iPitch Winners


                                  IARA LEITÃO


                                     DAVID CAMPOS

AstraZeneca Foundation Innovate Competition

The Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition is part of the iMed Conference® 12.0 Lisbon 2020. Every year, the iMed Conference® encourages young students and scientists to present their work and findings to a panel of renowned scientists and our participants.

The winning projects in Basic and Translational Research will be awarded a Research Grant, with 3.000€ grants for each winning Oral Presentation and 1.000€ for each winning Poster.


Can I enrol in this competition?

If you are an undergraduate college or master’s degree student and you are involved in a scientific research project in life sciences and have plenty of innovative ideas, then this competition is for you!

What do I need to send for my application?

In order to participate in this competition, you must read the Rules of Procedure , as well as the models for the documents needed to apply here. (We are preparing this competition just for you. News coming soon!)

And send your application to, with the required documentation:

• A structured abstract of your research project in English, with a maximum of 500 words (references excluded) following the format: 

a. Keywords, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion;

• Proof of high education enrollment for the academic year of 2019/2020 (in digital format: PDF, PNG or JPEG);

• Letter of recommendation signed by the person in charge of your research project. It must state that, should your project win the Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition, your research group will commit to embrace the realization of your idea (in digital format: PDF, PNG or JPEG);

• Informed Consent signed by every co-author;

• Declaration of eventual conflicts of interest;

• Signed Term of Responsibility;

• Email and phone number at which you can be contacted

When can I enrol?

There will only be a single enrolment period from April 1st until May 15th.

Who will evaluate my application?

The Competition Jury consists of acknowledged scientists and it will be chaired by Professor Catarina Homem, PhD, Principal Investigator at CEDOC – Chronic Diseases Research Center.

How will my application be evaluated?

Evaluation of the submitted projects will be made in accordance with the defined criteria. The Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition application does not guarantee that your project will be selected for oral or poster presentation. Please refer to the Rules of Procedure for further information.

When will I know the results?

The selected projects for oral and poster presentations will be announced on the 1st of September. After the publication of results, the selected participants have until 8th of September to enroll in the iMed Conference®12.0 Lisbon 2020. After this deadline, the participant will be excluded from the list of selected candidates. For further information, please refer to the Fundação AstraZeneca Innovate Competition Rules of Procedure.

Basic Research
Translational Research

For further information please read the documents in this folder or contact us at


Oral Presentation Basic Award - Winner: Ricardo Custódio
Oral Presentation Translational Award - Winner: Catarina Franco

Poster Presentation Basic Award - Winner: Beatriz Garcia
Poster Presentation Basic Award - Honorable Mention: Pedro Augusto

Poster Presentation Translational Award - Winner: José Pedro Costa

Boehringer Ingelheim Clinical Mind Competition

The Clinical Mind Competition aims to develop clinical reasoning and teamwork, testing knowledge and encouraging learning.

It consists of the presentation of a clinical case by Prof. Dr Lisa Sanders. The questions are made in real-time during the congress and scores are awarded.

In the end, the 3 teams (of 2 participants each) with the highest scores will get the opportunity to go on an internship in an international cooperation mission in Africa and the chance to participate in the project “Saúde para Todos” with medical teams from Instituto Marquês Valle Flôr.

For further information please read the Rules of Procedure

Clinical case provided and presented
by Dr. Lisa Sanders
Medical Consultant of “House, MD”

Dr. Lisa Sanders is a clinician educator in the Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program. In addition to her work as a physician and teacher, she writes the popular Diagnosis column for the New York Times Magazine and the Think Like a Doctor column featured in the New York Times blog, The Well. Her column was the inspiration for the Fox program House MD (2004-2012) and she served as a consultant to the show. In 2010 published a book titled Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis. Currently she is collaborating with the New York Times on an 8 hour documentary series on the process of diagnosis, currently available on Netflix.

Last Year's Clinical Mind Competition Winners

  1st place: Joana Lobato and Ângela Cristiano  
  2nd place: Alexandra Dos Santos and Nuno Leiria
  3rd place: André Vital and Rafael Vital

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+351 218 803 095
Associação de Estudantes da NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas
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