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Welcome to Lisbon

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If you’re dreaming about your next trip to Europe, come and discover Lisbon, a historical city full of stories to tell, where the sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15ºC.

A city where you feel safe wandering around day or night, where the cuisine is dedicated to creating over a thousand ways to cook the beloved bacalhau (salted cod), and where you’ll find hotels and restaurants to suit every taste, budget and requirement.

Discover Lisbon, a city full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. Lisbon is ageless, but it loves company, as you’ll find out if you meet someone and ask them to explain, with lots of gestures and repetition, where the best place is to listen to Fado.

After all, Lisbon is famous for its hospitality and the family-like way it welcomes visitors.

Let's dance

iMed Gala

Sharing a meal is to share smiles and stories and this year the opportunity lies in a glamorous gala-dinner in the company of our cherished speakers and your fellow participants.

A taste of Portugal

Wine Tasting

A rare occasion to enjoy some of the greatest gastronomic products made in Portugal in a splendid setting.
Come experience the excellence of tradition served in an innovative and fun way!

International Social Programme

If you are a foreign student, a first year student or just someone who wants to explore the city of Lisbon in more depth, take a look at our special international Social Programme.
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