Peter J. Ratcliffe

Peter J. Ratcliffe, M.D. trained as a nephrologist, received his degrees from the University of Cambridge and medical training at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and Oxford University. He founded the Oxford Hypoxia Biology Laboratory and demonstrated the oxygen sensing and signaling pathways that link the essential transcription factor, hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) to the availability of oxygen

The Professor is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a recipient of several international awards for the work on oxygen sensing, including the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 2019, the Canada Gairdner International Award and the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. He was knighted for his services to medicine in 2014. He is now the Clinical Research Director at the Francis Crick Institute, London, a member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and Director of the Target Discovery Institute at the University of Oxford.

His work, engaging in the biochemical and physiological characterization of HIF and related oxygenases, has in mind the assessment of their therapeutic potential in human disease focusing on its applicability in oncology.

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