Iben Lundgaard

Iben Lundgaard, B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD is a Danish molecular biologist with a Neuroscience PhD from the University of Cambridge. Following her PhD, she was part of Maiken Nedergaard lab in the USA, being part of the team that discovered the glia-lymph and glympthatic system, that is, the brain-wide clearance system.

Professor Lundgaard has now started her own lab in Lund, Sweden, and is focusing her research on the role of the glymphatic system in Central Nervous System inflammation.

Name: Dr. Iben Lundgaard
Speaker in
: iMed Conference 10.0
Topic: Glia-Lymphatic system and Neurodegenerative diseases
Position: Principal Investigator at the BioMedical Centre ofLund University, Sweden
Location: Sölvegatan 19 SE-221 84 Lund, Sweden: BMC F1135
Internship: Research

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