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A conference for Medicine and Life Sciences' Students in Europe

The iMed Conference® is a grand project by Nova Medical School’s Students' Union, that is held in Lisbon at the beginning of every school year since 2009, addressed to the next generation of Life Science’s students. 

Through a formula created long ago and perfected throughout the years, each year we invite researchers to present what’s fresher and more relevant in the worldwide scientific panorama, bringing the most stirring out-of-the-box stories and inspiring life experiences.

"The iMed Conference® is entirely organised by students and for students, as we strive to fill the gaps between the academic system and the real practical life of a worker in the field of Life Sciences."

Ana Carolina Cordeiro
President iMed 11.0

Organising Committee

Making this grand project come to life year after year

Management Board

Ana Carolina Cordeiro


Quirina Ferro


Leonor Gaudêncio



Rita Palma Féria

Head of Scientific

Catarina Pohle

Lectures/ Clinical Mind Competition

Henrique Varejão

Lectures/ iPitch Competition

Santiago Gouveia

Lectures/ iPitch Competition

Daniela Berhanu

Lectures/Innovate Competition

Paulo Gomes

Lectures/Innovate Competition

Diogo Caetano Santos


Jorge Montês



Gustavo Correia

Head of Partnerships

Ana Gorjão


Nuno Palma dos Reis


Rui Gomes



Maria Mateus

Head of Logistics

Diogo Rodrigues

Logistics Manager

Rita Cordeiro

Logistics Manager

Jorge Malheiro Rodrigues


Inês Lima dos Santos


Fábia Rodrigues

Social Programme


Alice Figueiredo

Head of Communication

Patrícia Romão

Image and Communication

António Queiroz

Image and Communication

Francisca Figueiredo


Maria Sofia Silva


Mariana Afonso


iMed Crew

It would never be possible
without a dedicated Crew

What is the iMed Crew?

The iMed Crew is a group of students from NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas who volunteer to be part of this challenging and innovative project, working together with the Organising Committee in order to achieve one goal: to make the iMed Conference the best congress for medical students in Europe.

Do you want to help organise the best iMed yet?


First of all, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Ana Carolina Cordeiro, I am a medical student and the president of the iMed Conference® 11.0 - Lisbon 2019. I could not be more grateful for being part of this project along with 26 other people, who constitute the amazing Organising Committee that works everyday to make this event greater and bigger year after year. The iMed Conference® is a annual grand project designed and created by AEFCM, the Student’s Union from NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, and is held in Lisbon since its first edition, in 2009.  

The iMed Conference® is entirely organised by students and for students, as we strive to fill the gaps between the academic system and the real practical life of a worker in the field of Life Sciences. That is why we seek to bring you the most recent scientific and technological panorama while keeping our prices as low as possible.  

This year, the iMedConference® 11.0 presents you, once again, an outstanding Scientific Programme, with 12 Scientific Lectures, divided into four engaging topics: Surgery, Transplantation, Mental Health and Infection. We endeavour to present you the newest Innovating Medicine through the knowledge of our distinguished speakers from all over the world. Moreover, our renowned Keynote speakers will be filling us in about their astonishing vanguardist discoveries throughout their life, which ultimately led them to an International Award. We aspire to inspire you through our iMed Sessions, where we invite you to listen to stirring out-of-the-box stories and amazing life experiences. Last but not least, we aim to encourage you with our Humanitarian Lectures because we believe that to be a great Scientist one has to be an even greater Human being.  

If you are asking yourself about the opportunity to get a hands on approach, our Workshops are the solution for you: we have a broad range of areas from which you can choose to develop amazing skills. You can participate in one Workshop on each of the two days we have set up especially for you. Here, you won't have a problem to find the right Workshop for your taste! If you like to be challenged, the iMed Conference® has four compelling competitions occurring during the conference. In the Boehringer Ingelheim Clinical Mind Competition, you can test your clinical knowledge alongside Dr. Lisa Sanders, the Medical Consultant of “House, MD”. In the iPitch Competition you will be able to practice your soft skills in order to convince your favourite host (a speaker from past editions) that you have what they are looking for in their clinical or research internship. Besides these amazing competitions, at Astrazeneca Innovate Competition we encourage you as a young scientist to present your work and findings to a panel of renowned scientists and our participants.

Apart from spreading knowledge, the iMed Conference® 11.0 brings you a standout Social Programme, with a 360º Lisbon Experience at our Wine Tasting and the iMed Gala, where you will be able to talk personally to our esteemed speakers. 

The iMed Conference® is now a conference without borders and is bringing people together from all four corners of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the iMed Conference® 11.0 and
Dare to Discover!

Ana Carolina Cordeiro

President iMed 11.0

“The spirit behind iMedConference®, since its first edition, is based on commitment: not only to all the scientific break through but also to the students and speakers. Being entirely organized by students, it tries to connect to every possible participant by showing what they are longing to learn. Year after year it makes students reach further, not only by exceeding every expectation but also by creating moments for discussion. Believe it or not, iMed Conference® changes lives while Beholding The Future.”

José Sobral Abrantes

President iMed 10.0

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